Sustainability of Karst Environment – Dinaric Karst and other Karst Regions

23.- 26. September 2009 Tagung, Veranstaltungsort: Plitvice Lakes (Kroatien)
Conference themes
– Geological aspects
– Geomorphological aspects
– Hydrological and hydrogeological aspects
– Coastal and submerged karst
– Biological and ecological aspects of karst
– Anthropogenic impacts and protcting karst
– Sociological, demographic and social aspects of karst
– Dinaric karst and other karst regions (China, Alpine karst, Caribbean, etc.)

The basic objective of the conference is to apply an interdisciplinary approach to scientifically assess the issues of sustainable development of all forms of karst. The emphasis will be placed on Dinaric karst, though other karst areas worldwide will not be neglected. About ten of the world’s top experts will be invited to give plenary talks.
The whole accepted abstracts will be published in the abstract book. A selected papers will be published in a special edition to the journal Hrvatske Vode (Croatian Waters) which is cited in the SCOPUS database and in Geologica Croatica, Acta Botanica Croatica (SCI), Natura Croatica before the symposium.

Quelle: VdHK, Centar za krš