EP: Pesticides legislation: the final lap

Nachfolgend wird eine geringfügig modifizierte Pressemitteilung des Europäischen Parlaments dokumentiert.

The EU’s new legislation on pesticides could soon be in place. Next week in Strasbourg MEPs will vote on two reports endorsing the final shape of the legislation as agreed in negotiations with the Council in December. The legislation will increase the number of pesticide products available in Member States while in due course banning the use of certain dangerous chemicals in these products. Measures to ensure the safer use of pesticides in daily life will also be introduced.

Pesticides have a three-stage life-cycle: the placing on the market of new pesticide products; the day-to-day use of pesticides; and the end-of-life or „waste“ stage. The legislation submitted to Parliament for approval next week, in two reports, deals only with the first two stages, as waste is covered by other EU laws.

The two pieces of legislation have attracted much media attention, partly due to the differing standpoints of various actors (pesticide manufacturers, farmers, health professionals, environmentalists), partly due to misunderstandings over the likely impact of the legislation.

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