EP: More sustainable energy in road transport targets

Nachfolgend wird eine geringfügig veränderte und gekürzte Pressemitteilung des Europäischen Parlaments dokumentiert.

The Industry Committee championed more sustainable biofuels in a vote on Thursday when it decided not only to support the Commission proposal that by 2020 at least 10% of the energy used in road transport should be from renewables, but also to insist that at least 40% of that renewable energy would be from more sustainable sources than traditional biofuel. This share would include hydrogen, electricity and „second-generation“ biofuels, made from waste or algae, for example.
MEPs in the committee also decided to set an interim target of 5% by 2015 for renewables in road transport fuel. They maintained the Commission’s 2020 target for Member States to ensure that renewables account for at least 10% of final energy consumption in road transport. EP: More sustainable energy in road transport targets weiterlesen